《AutoTRAX EDA 数字模拟电路仿真软件》(AutoTRAX EDA 9.72)最新版[安装包]

《AutoTRAX EDA 数字模拟电路仿真软件》(AutoTRAX EDA 9.72)最新版[安装包]
  • 片  名  《AutoTRAX EDA 数字模拟电路仿真软件》(AutoTRAX EDA 9.72)最新版[安装包]
  • 简  介  发行时间: 2010年03月08日制作发行: Kovac Software语言: 英文
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  • 详细介绍简介:
    应用平台:Windows® XP, Vista or Windows 7
    没有中文的简介,只好上英文的了!AutoTRAX EDA is a powerful multiplatform integrated Electronic Design Suite for Electronic Engineers.It has all the features you expect and need to rapidly and easily take your design from conception through to production.
    It?s in-built hierarchical project manager lets you perform both top-down and bottom-up design and reuse design components and sub-systems. Starting with its easy to use Schematic Capture mode, you can drag pre-created parts onto your design sheets and rapidly and reliably connected the terminals together using wires, buses and off-page connectors.
    AutoTRAX ensures that your design remains correct throughout with no ?dangling wires? or design rule violations. You can also create your own parts either in-place on your design sheets or using the integrated Part Creator.
    Once you have created your design you can rapidly simulate it?s analog performance using the build in virtual instruments such as oscilloscopes and signal generators.
    When you are satisfied with your design and simulation results, you can then quickly proceed to produce your finished and populated PCB board without leaving the AutoTRAX program.
    The AutoTRAX PCB Designer will take your hierarchical design and place the components, with or without your assistance.
    Next AutoTRAX can either autoroute your board or you can use a combination of automatic and manual routing to quickly and reliably complete all electrical wiring.
    The design of AutoTRAX?s internal data ensures you main full electrical integrity with your schematic design.
    No surprises with lost or missing PCB tracks or wires, or those ?extra? wires. Now that you have your design finished and routed you can then produce all Computer Aided Manufacturing files you will need to produce the board, drill the holes, cut it?s profile, order parts using the Bill Of Materials, and place your parts using the pick and place files.
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