• 片  名  《RSTAB三维结构分析软件》(RSTAB)v5.14.321[ISO]
  • 简  介  发行时间: 2005年制作发行: DLUBAL
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  • 详细介绍中文名: RSTAB三维结构分析软件英文名: RSTAB资源格式: 光盘镜像版本: v5.14.321发行时间: 2005年制作发行: DLUBAL地区: 美国简介:
    已通过杀毒软件检测:江民反病毒软件 扫描引擎9.00.607,病毒库 2006-1-10
    已经过运行测试,测试平台: Windows XP SP2 简体中文版
    RSTAB 5.xx是3D结构分析工具用于鉴定内力,支承反力和任何平面或立体空间的变形,模块程序结构允许依照特殊需要加入附加的模块。附加的模块在当前可用于钢结构设计,木结构设计,压曲模式的鉴定和临界载荷因素,活动载荷,高级载荷合并体,建设阶段和用于动态分析。RSTAB 5.xx也和SHAPE结合,这是个用于任何薄墙截面的截面性质分析的高级程序。
    The RSTAB-family static program is used to determine the internal forces, support reactions and deformations of any two- or three-dimensional structure. The modular program concept meets individual user demands for specific project requirements.
    Add-on modules are currently available for steel and timber design, the determination of buckling modes and critical load factors, moving loads, advanced load combinations, construction phases and for dynamic analyses. RSTAB also interacts with SHAPE, an advanced program for the analysis of section properties for any thin-walled cross-section.
    RSTAB 5.xx is mostly known for its low learning curve and outstandig graphical user interface. The program provides many very productive and helpful features such as:
    Calculation of 2D and 3D structures according to 1st and 2nd order theory, and of cable structures according to 3rd order theory.
    Automatical superpositioning of results according to various criteria such as conditional and either/or .
    Any result combination possible to determine the decisive internal forces and deformations.
    Optional consideration of varying construction levels with changing structural geometries, hinge and support conditions by means of the SUPER-LC module.
    Multi-language interface in English and German. Work in English and print in German or vice versa.
    Integration of user-defined general cross-sections such as I-shaped, C-shaped or channel sections, angles, and many more. Only the dimensions have to be specified, RSTAB calculates all section properties automatically.
    Consideration of web-tapered elements, rigid couplings, non-linear springs with friction and cohesion effects, eccentric connections and elastic foundations.
    Adaptable graphics with animation of the deformations.
    Non-linear calculation of tension, compression and spring members.
    Tools for generating structures like continuous beams or 2D tapered frames, including load cases and load combinations according to various standards; 3D frames, grids, truss girders, spiral staircases, circular and general arcs, spatial truss structures, 3D cells, wall columns, roofs, 3D sheds with purlins and bracings, and the like.
    Conversion of surface or coating loads, such as ice, to member loads.
    Extensive and extendable cross-section and material libraries with the possibility to import cross-sections from the add-on module SHAPE.
    Simplification of the required input of one- and two-dimensional structures.
    Easy conversion of an existing 2D structure and editing it as a 3D structure.
    Non-continuous numbering of the nodes and members if desired. Various possibilities to adjust and change the existing numbering are available..
    Standard Windows program installation with user-defined parameters.
    Integration of Windows capabilities for smooth and effective work: Drag Drop, copying to the clipboard, right m
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