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  • 详细介绍简介: mindmanager(思维) jcv(项目)
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    Quickly capture Ideas
    Easy-to-use graphical map interface designed for rapid documentation of your ideas.
    Easily organize information
    Drag-and-drop capabilities allow you to easily move map content around to quickly develop your ideas and build better plans - faster.
    Create visually rich maps
    Draw relationships between ideas, add callouts and color to highlight important information, group similar ideas with boundaries and insert icons and images to help you and others see the big picture.
    Deliver powerful presentations
    Present your maps to others using MindManager Presentation Mode or quickly export map contents to Microsoft® PowerPoint® - effective communication of complex ideas and information has never been easier.
    Seamless integration with Microsoft Office
    Seamless integration with Microsoft applications enables quick import and export of data to Microsoft Word, PowerPoint®, Excel®, Outlook®, Project and Visio®.
    Easily share your maps
    E-mail your maps to friends and colleagues or publish in HTML and post to your intranet or Web site.
    Supported Operating Systems:
    Microsoft® Windows® XP Professional, Home or Tablet PC Editions
    Microsoft® Windows® 2000 Professional
    Microsoft® Windows® Server 2003
    System Requirements:
    IBM or compatible Pentium® processor (700 MHz or greater)
    256 MB RAM or greater
    150 MB disk space and 50 MB more during installation
    SVGA (800 x 600 or greater) with 256 colors (1024 x 768 with 16-bit color recommended)
    Additional requirements to use certain features:
    Microsoft® Office 2000, XP or 2003
    Microsoft Project® 2000, 2002 or 2003 / 2003 Multilingual User Interface Packs
    Microsoft Visio® 2002 or 2003
    Microsoft® Internet Explorer® 5.5 or greater. Mozilla® Firefox® 1.0 or greater
    JCVGantt?/span Pro 2
    Reduce the time it takes to plan.
    Business gurus like Stephen Covey and Brian Tracey recommend that you spend at least a day each week planning.
    If you manage projects, you may spend your entire week planning.
    So, how much time would you save if you could plan faster?JCVGantt Pro 2 takes project planning into a new realm that will reduce the time it takes to plan projects, guaranteed, or return it for your money back.
    Try it free for 21 days and prove it to yourself How can we guarantee a reduction in planning time?
    Every feature in JCVGantt 2.0 has been designed to let you think once , and then use again .
    Reuse project information and jump-start your thinking with Gantt Parts?/font
    Simply drag a reusable Gantt Part?/font onto your chart and all outline, phase, task, resource costing and dependency information is transferred, instantly. Costing reports change instantly. Create your own Gantt parts in seconds using snippets from your own projects
    You ll find Gantt parts included for Six Sigma, Military Missions (SMEAC), Naval Situation Analysis (SOS), Risk Analysis, Extreme Programming, Strategic Planning, Project initiation and MANY more...Re-use Resource Information
    All the resource information you ve already entered for the last project can be reused, effortlessly.Create plans automatically while you brainstorm
    Mindmanager users can use our exclusive Mindmanager X5 and Pro 6 Integration to synchronize all project information in the world s top brainstorming tool which means plans can be created automatically while you brainstorm

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