Bloodflowerz -《Diabolic Angel》[MP3!]

Bloodflowerz -《Diabolic Angel》[MP3!]
  • 片  名  Bloodflowerz -《Diabolic Angel》[MP3!]
  • 简  介  发行时间: 2002年地区: 德国语言: 英语
  • 类  别  音乐
  • 小  类  欧美音乐

  • 详细介绍专辑中文名: Diabolic Angel歌手: Bloodflowerz资源格式: MP3发行时间: 2002年地区: 德国语言: 英语简介:
    德国乐队Bloodflowerz成功的将他们的情绪化充满力量的歌融进了完美的音响。Bloodflowerz最吸引人的地方是女主唱Kirsten的声线,这声音是如此的迷人,黑暗、坚硬、充满力量中却带有深深忧伤,Kirsten无力的吟唱,马上把人吸引住……就好象《diabolic angel》的名字一样:恶魔似的天使。
    Gothic Rock/Metal with a light noisy touch to the guitars, a few electronic elements and female vocals. Could I let this stand when talking about the BLOODFLOWERZ-debut Diabolic Angel ? Hm... Yes, I think so?p Most characteristic element of the Germans sound undoubtedly is the very good voice of frontlady Kirsten, who clearly marks the whole thing, here and there also distorted (what I personally do not really like). Very good, the lady, no question.
    Apart from that they fish in the quite typical Gothic-waters, here a little heavier, there reminding mea bit of HIM, then with the already mentioned slight Noise-touch to the guitars, everything well played and also well composed, but if it was not for Kirsten s vocals I have to admit that the music would be nothing to make me listen up.
    All in all a good debut, which is lifted out of the anonymous mass of other bands by the singer, well-played, but nothing special...
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