《acdsee8.0 build 39》(acdsee8.0 build 39)8.0 build39

《acdsee8.0 build 39》(acdsee8.0 build 39)8.0 build39
  • 片  名  《acdsee8.0 build 39》(acdsee8.0 build 39)8.0 build39
  • 简  介  制作发行: ACD Systems
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  • 小  类  多媒体类

  • 详细介绍简介: [已通过安装测试]
    我试用了一下,这个版本是acdsee8 photoshop manager,虽然附带一些图片编辑的功能,但没有acdsee 7 powerpack里专门的图片编辑器photoeditor.
    What s new in ACDSee 8 Photo Manager
    Organize, view, edit and share with time to spare. ACDSee 8 s improved usability means you get to manage your prized photos faster, and with greater control and confidence than ever before.
    Find your pictures faster with the new Quick Search bar.
    Finding your photos is fast and easy with the new Quick Search feature. All you have to do is type in a word (not case sensitive), and ACDSee returns matches for that word in image captions, author information, and notes. You can also choose to include any matches found in file names, keywords, categories, and folders.
    Video slide shows with custom audio.
    Use the new Create Video or VCD (Video Compact Disc) feature to put your creative slide shows to music, and watch them on your television or PC. VCD supports NTSC and PAL television formats, and your saved videos can be played back in any media application. Save and reuse VCD projects, and even watch a live preview of the slide show you’re working on.
    Add several different slide show projects to the same CD, and conveniently burn original images to CD as well. Mix multiple audio tracks with high-resolution photo images and video into your slide shows, without the hassle of learning overly complicated software. ACDSee also lets you set your slide show to fit the length of any audio track using a handy timeline view.
    Create CDs and DVDs quickly and easily.
    The new Burn Basket makes creating CDs and DVDs drag-and-drop easy. Individual photos or entire folders - you name it, the Burn Basket can take it. Make hard copies of your photo collections faster than ever before, then give them as gifts to family and friends.
    Improve organization by creating new folders within the Burn Basket, and update ACDSee Photo Discs on multi-session CDs and DVDs. Easily manage your disc space by checking the updated estimate of the size of the disc, and how much space will be used up by your current project.
    The Burn Basket completely eliminates the need for a third-party burning tool, and can also be used to create archives and backups of yo
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