《德国MAGIX音乐制作家》(MAGIX Music Maker )14 Producer Edition官方英文破解版[压缩包]

《德国MAGIX音乐制作家》(MAGIX Music Maker )14 Producer Edition官方英文破解版[压缩包]
  • 片  名  《德国MAGIX音乐制作家》(MAGIX Music Maker )14 Producer Edition官方英文破解版[压缩包]
  • 简  介  发行时间: 2008年制作发行: MAGIX AG语言: 英文
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  • 详细介绍中文名: 德国MAGIX音乐制作家英文名: MAGIX Music Maker 资源格式: 压缩包版本: 14 Producer Edition官方英文破解版发行时间: 2008年制作发行: MAGIX AG地区: 德国语言: 英文简介: 官方网站 http://www.magix.com/us/music-maker/Magix Music Maker 是电脑音乐制作、编辑、效果预览和输出软件的当之无愧的王者,仅仅在安装光盘启动时,伴随节奏强烈震撼的开场音乐,就带给使用者无与伦比的震叹和折服!软件界面极尽豪华!软件使用者可以任意编辑多音轨音频,并在编辑过程中随时预览音乐效果,支持多种乐器、多音色、多种不同风格流派的音乐和配器,内建多音轨专业级别音乐图视均衡器,内建多轨数字音频信号录制功能,内建卡拉OK功能,播放效果纤毫毕现,是专业音乐制作人的最佳选择。即使是非专业人员,也等于拥有了一个极其专业的数码音乐播放中心,所有所谓 电脑媒体中心 都相形见绌!同时,软件还支持为你所编辑和制作出的音乐添加符合音乐风格的配景与专业的转场效果,使制作出的音乐更加打动人!由于发布者不是搞音乐的,只能从表面印象上做肤浅的说明,对懂得电脑音乐制作的专业人士来说,Magix Music Maker 将是你专业创作的无比利器MAGIX Music Maker 这个软件允许你创建你的自己的音乐,声音轨迹和音乐视频,你能够发电子邮件和在互联网络上出版他们。
    一套适合初学者与专业音乐人使用的音乐编辑软件!拥有德国影音大厂 MAGIX 的「酷乐大师豪华版」,您不必要学习深奥的乐理知识,具备流畅的看谱和写谱能力,只要用鼠标将音乐或影片素材拖曳进来,加上内建专业级的虚拟乐器,再录进自己的歌声,就能在弹指间创作出专业顶级的乐曲!Music Maker 14
    Produce your own songs
    Thousands of current audio building blocks and effects from the studios of internationally successful producers are waiting to be combined and transformed however you want. Integrate your own recordings or parts of your favorite MP3s. In a short time, your own perfect songs will be ready – in CD quality. And the best part is, it's all so simple that you can get started right away.
    NEW! Over 1,500 sounds: in current styles
    NEW! MAGIX Vita: Sample player and sound controller
    NEW! New instruments for inimitable, authentic songs
    NEW! Power Chords: Uncompromising, versatile distortion guitars
    NEW! Structure song arrangements clearlyGet ready for ultra-realistic instruments which seem just like the real thing on your PC. MAGIX Vital Instruments™ are premium quality samples. Instruments developed by sampling specialists yellow tools combine real recorded instruments with the natural sound characteristics and typical play behaviour of musicians. The advantage: Instruments that sound just like the original. Experience the fascinating sound library with unbelievable faithfulness to detail and a wide spectrum of various instruments. The practical MIDI editor lets you easily write in your melody ideas.
    You'll also receive more exciting synthesizers like LiViD, your own personal virtual drummer.MAGIX Music Maker 14 includes an extensive sound package with rock, pop, dance, hip-hop, disco house, techno, and chillout and ambient material. Over 1,500 professional sounds offer the ideal basis for your own audio experiments: different musical styles can be easily combined to create something new. The tempo adjusts itself automatically – you'll never be out of sync with the rhythm.NEW! Publish directly
    Your song is great, but nobody knows about it? Just a single click is enough to publish your music on the Internet! For example, you can upload your music project to online portals di
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不错的软件!! 谢谢
外观怎么这么像Adobe audition呢?不是中文的,还是用汉化的audition好
期待Deluxe版的DVD ISO。

这简介也太能吹了吧……= =||||