Claude Debussy -(The Best of Debussy)iTunes Plus AAC

Claude Debussy -(The Best of Debussy)iTunes Plus AAC
  • 片  名  Claude Debussy -(The Best of Debussy)iTunes Plus AAC
  • 简  介  Douban1764500:8.2(66 votes)发行时间: 2004年1月1日
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  • 详细介绍专辑英文名: The Best of Debussy艺术家: Claude Debussy版本: iTunes Plus AAC发行时间: 2004年1月1日地区: 美国语言: 英语简介: 1873年入巴黎音乐院,在十余年的学习中一直是才华出众的学生,并以大合唱《浪子》获罗马奖。后与以马拉美为首的诗人与画家的小团体很接近,以他们的诗歌为歌词写作了不少声乐曲,并根据马拉美的同名诗歌创作了管弦乐序曲《牧神午后》,还根据比利时诗人梅特林克的同名戏剧创作了歌剧《佩利亚斯与梅丽桑德》。他摆脱瓦格纳歌剧的影响,创造了具有独特个性的表现手法。钢琴创作贯穿了他的一生,早期的《阿拉伯斯克》、《贝加摩组曲》接近浪漫主义风格;《版画》、《欢乐岛》、两集《意象集》和《二十四首前奏曲》则是印象主义的精品。管弦乐曲《夜曲》、《大海》、《伊贝利亚》中都有不少生动的篇章。
    引用Claude Debussy is an acquired taste even among regular classical music listeners, which also means he does not have many greatest hits , a kind of Beethoven Ninth Symphony or Ravel's Bolero, pieces almost everyone knows.
    That said, this NAXOS collection does not break from uniformity of being a very good sampler of a composer's most representative works for a bargain price. On this CD, orchestral works with their eerie, otherworldly quality (the opening La Mer movement is a great example) are interspersed with smaller piano works, for which the French impressionist composer is also known. Clair de Lune, as maybe Debussy's best known piece, cannot be left out (in orchestral version). The orchestral recordings are mostly done by the Belgian radio TV, while solo pianos are played by Hungarians, including the great Jeno Jando.
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