《Evermotion Archinteriors 14高品质完整室内场景模型》(Evermotion Archinteriors 14)5isucai[压缩包]

《Evermotion Archinteriors 14高品质完整室内场景模型》(Evermotion Archinteriors 14)5isucai[压缩包]
  • 片  名  《Evermotion Archinteriors 14高品质完整室内场景模型》(Evermotion Archinteriors 14)5isucai[压缩包]
  • 简  介  发行时间: 2008年12月12日对白语言: 英语文字语言: 英文
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  • 详细介绍中文名: Evermotion Archinteriors 14高品质完整室内场景模型英文名: Evermotion Archinteriors 14资源格式: 压缩包版本: 5isucai发行时间: 2008年12月12日地区: 美国对白语言: 英语文字语言: 英文简介:
    此集中收录了一些室内沙发桌椅类的模型,适用于Vray 1.5 SP1和3ds max 9。
    Archinteriors Vol. 14,室内沙发
    Have you ever wondered how does the professional set-up of HI-END rendering? Archinteriors gives you this possibility. Look how does it look from the backstage. Buy Archinteriors CD and learn commercial rendering set-up. Make money from professional visualizations. Archinteriors vol. 12 comprises of 10 textured and shadered visualization scenes ready to be rendered.
    In all scenes we used Ligth Cache and Irradiance Maps to calculate GI. Render times are relatively low. If you want have faster render times just change preset for the Irradiance map. If you want use this technique for animation just switch mode for Irradiance map to Multiframe incremental and for Light Cache to Fly-through .
    This CD is prepared for Vray 1.5 SP1 (or newest) and 3ds max 9. In older version of 3ds max it wouldn't open. (本DVD针对3ds max9和Vray 1.5SP1或者更高.旧版本3ds max将无法打开.)
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