Peter Tosh -《Honorary Citizen》[3CD Box-Set][MP3]

Peter Tosh -《Honorary Citizen》[3CD Box-Set][MP3]
  • 片  名  Peter Tosh -《Honorary Citizen》[3CD Box-Set][MP3]
  • 简  介  音乐风格: 雷鬼发行时间: 1997年语言: 英语
  • 类  别  音乐
  • 小  类  欧美音乐

  • 详细介绍专辑英文名: Honorary Citizen歌手: Peter Tosh音乐风格: 雷鬼资源格式: MP3版本: [3CD Box-Set]发行时间: 1997年语言: 英语简介: 发布码率:192KBPS
    The Columbia label finally answers Peter Tosh fans' prayers with this seminal three-CD box set. Working backwards, disc three succinctly sums up Tosh's post-Wailers career, honing in on the Legalize It, Equal Rights, and Bush Doctor sets, tossing in a couple of numbers from Wanted Dread Alive and the title track from the Grammy-winning No Nuclear War album as well. Nothing new for aficionados here, but a decent roundup nonetheless. Disc two is exclusively comprised of live performances, drawn from a variety of different shows. Again, it doesn't add much to what's already available; however, by leaving in Tosh's between-song patter, for the first time fans can experience or relive the true fire and fury of his stage presence. Which leaves the first disc, and the one that alone makes the set worth the price of admission. This compiles 19 songs that Tosh cut alone or taking the lead with the Wailers, none of which was previously available in the States. And although most were released in the U.K., this is the first time they've been rounded up on a full-length album, as well as their debut on CD. These numbers were all recorded between 1968 and 1976, after the Wailers departed Studio One and following Tosh's own solo work with Bunny Lee. During this period, Tosh, on his own or with the Wailers, recorded for Joe Gibbs, Leslie Kong, and Lee Perry (among others), while the Wailers as a group and Tosh on his own took on self-production duties. The sequencing runs in generally chronological order, but it's a pity the disc didn't also sequence the productions; however, that's a bit of a quibble considering what's on offer here. Only the cover of the Beatles' Here Comes the Sun breaks the militant mood of the entire disc; everything else shreds the grooves with barely contained anger, and even the silky Pound Get a Blow is wreathed with suppressed rage. While EMI continues to release compilations showcasing Tosh's lightest material, this set is a vivid reminder of the artist's true revolutionary stature.
    Bob Marley的哭泣者乐队(The Wailers)创建者Peter Tosh是雷鬼界的又一位宗师,但是在The Wailers的Tosh却只能被Marley的光芒所遮盖,于是他萌生退意,最终离开了The Wailers独自发展,而且取得成功,1976年他以翻唱一首着名的歌曲“Stepping Razor”引起众人的注目,接着他的首张经典代表作《Legalize It》更是借着亲和力极强的雷鬼歌曲来呼吁当地的南美百姓为生活努力奋战。1977年,他的第二张专辑《Equal Rights》一推出便立刻被推崇为最重要的雷鬼作品,这使得他在许多人的心中是位非常强悍的雷鬼音乐领袖。只可惜,1987年,他却在家中遭友人枪杀而身亡,留下许多非常重要的录音作品。
    身为歌手、音乐家、作曲家及反叛者的Peter Tosh将牙买家的音乐界切开了一条通道, 他为Wailers的创办人也是个独立的艺术家。他曾与Rolling Stones参加世界巡回,,并让他在世界各地的乐迷们为之疯狂。他的举动或许会在One Peace演唱会里造成骚乱,虽不及他Wailer的团员Bob Marley的成就,却亦是另一位对雷鬼音乐发展有着极大贡献的伟大歌手。
    Peter Tosh1944年出生于牙买加Grange Hill,15岁时到雷鬼之都——Kingston追求音乐事业的发展,同时结识另一位雷鬼传奇Bob Marley,两人与另两位团员共同组成影响雷鬼乐坛至钜的团体The Wailers。陶许在1976年离团单飞,之后在11年间推出过7张专辑,并曾与滚石合唱团(The Rolling Stones)共同巡回演出,成为影响西方乐坛最重要的雷鬼歌手之一。1987年9月11日,陶许在牙买加的家中遭到前友人
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