Marc Copland Trio -《Haunted Heart and Other Ballads》[MP3]

Marc Copland Trio -《Haunted Heart and Other Ballads》[MP3]
  • 片  名  Marc Copland Trio -《Haunted Heart and Other Ballads》[MP3]
  • 简  介  音乐风格: 爵士发行时间: 2001年04月02日地区: 瑞士语言: 英语
  • 类  别  音乐
  • 小  类  欧美音乐

    压缩比率:CBR 320Kbps
    记得在今年一月份的「音响论坛」爵士乐的故事专栏中,曾经将钢琴家 Marc Copland 与低音贝斯手 Gary Peacock 两人合奏的 What It Says 选为二○○四年十大爵士乐专辑之一。 Marc Copland 在 Hat Hut 的作品,并没有这个厂牌的前卫味道,听来十分恬静,充满诗意。原本吹萨克斯风的 Marc Copland ,中年以后才开始弹琴,无论是 Marc Copland and .... ,与萨克斯风手 David Liebman 合作的 Bookend... ,还是 Haunted Heart Other Ballads ,都可听出他堆迭充满灵性声响的用心。
    单是看到曲目中收录了「 My Favorite Things 」、「 Crescent 」、「 Greensleeves 」等作品,不难猜想到 Haunted Heart Other Ballads 是 Marc Copland 向 John Coltrane 致敬的专辑。说来有趣, Marc Copland 弹琴时使用的 voicing (和声配置)手法,却相当有 Bill Evans 的味道。那种夜晚状似平静,却又隐隐然带著骚动不安的气息,与专辑名称「惑之心」( Haunted Hearts )颇为契合。即使只是微调, Marc Copland 在头、中、尾仍以不同的手法来詮释「 My Favorite Things 」,版本虽然都很短,听来却相当有意思。

    Here on the Marc Copland Trio's recording of ballads then, we hear an very connective and empathetic trio at work that treats these ballads as if in a constant state of rumination and appreciation for their beauty. Along with Drew Gress and Jochen Ruckert, Copland makes peace with songs. As it turns out they not only reward these songs, but they reward themselves, as they make beautiful music here in their respectful and honest approach.
    *Marc Copland: Piano
    *Drew Gress: Bass
    *Jochen Ruckert: Drums
    Produced by Art Lange
    Executive Production by Patrick Kaiser (Danzas) and Werner X.Uehlinger
    Recorded on April 2, 2001 at The Studio, NYC by Jon Rosenberg
    Mix and CD master by Peter Pfister
    Cover photo by Elio Ciol; Graphic concept by Fuhrer Vienna

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